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April 19, 2015


Jeanine Mayden

it is like you are living my life lol...i havent' lost the tooth but the crown is messed up,,, i had both front teeth crowned and looked so natural...i am like you with vanity and when my natural gets messed up it is depressing...they told me the same thing "we won't be able to match the new crown with the old one." ugh...and you are right - i am praying for friends who are fighting for their lives and i am upset about my smile! thanks somehow it helps knowing i am not alone in this thing. keep smiling sista lol

Karla Nathan

Jeanine, in the over all scheme of things, its such a small issue. But to our own faces it is a big one, so I guess we just cant help but be upset. Best of luck to you, and prayers to your friends.


I lost both my front Teeth when I was in grade school, a few issues through out the years, so I know exactly how you feel and what you're going through . One had to be removed due to infection last year and now a bridge, learning to to talk is a challenge,

Karla Nathan

Oh, sorry to hear that, Laurie! I sure have heard that I am not alone in this.

Patricia Eaton

Karla, From what I can see out here in "blogland" you are still beautiful - inside AND out! I understand how you feel though, as I've been through much the same thing, but being over seventy, these sorts of things begin to feel part of the everyday things of life. You'll be fine when all is said and done...especially if you don't let it get the best of you. I detect a fine sense of humor with you and that, my friend, gets us through a whole lot. I'm sure enjoying your posts, thank you so much for giving us such great things to read about and enjoy!

Karla Nathan

Thank you for the kind words, Patricia! Yes, Ive found that being able to laugh at your problems can get you through most things.

Jeannie McGehee

Well your smile is still beautiful and this post made me laugh & smile because you still find humor in it all and make it a fun time for the grand fairies-- they love you no matter what! Hugs..


I don't know why it shouldn't be just like it was before except for the new teeth having to be re-cemented in. After all, they'll take impressions of the teeth before they make the new so the match of the new teeth should be identical I would think. No??!!

Just be grateful you don't have periodontal disease like me and dry mouth which causes a myriad of nonstop dental issues and you'll be fine.

Your teeth look fabulous to me!!!!!

Louise Oakes

You have my sympathy Karla. Last year when we were on our holiday in Scotland celebrating our 25th and my crown came off the same tooth as yours. Unfortunately, I didn't have a neat gap, instead there was an icicle shaped bit of tooth that the crown stuck to! I looked like a witch. You still look really pretty♡ Fortunate I was able to get the crown stuck back on at a local dentist so I didn't scare young children for long! Though when I brush my teeth and look at the tooth sitting where it should be it reminds me of our holiday, which is lovely.
Smile away♡

Karla Nathan

Periodontal disease can cause so many difficulties, Im sorry to hear that, LindaSonia. And it is my gums that are the problem more than my crowns that are the problem. Ive had a couple gum surgeries in the past and now there is only so much good tissue left. I will have a higher gum line than before, so my teeth will look longer.

Karla Nathan

On vacation?! Thats too bad Louise! But the bad that things that happen on trips become the funny stories we tell later on, dont they?


Oh Karla, the day your tooth flew out sounds traumatic. I'd say you are taking it in stride, but you'll be as pretty as ever after the dental reconstruction.

You're right about getting older and having bits and pieces fail in our bodies. My recent hip replacement gave me new perspective - Piece me back together the best you can, because I have a lot of things I still want to do in life.

I had to laugh about Dewdrop playing with your neck. Several years ago when I was caring for my five year old nephew, we were working on a project at the table. I was bent over the table, and in his most serious alarmed voice he said, "Aunt Pallas, your face is falling". And, I was so much younger then. Ha!

Karla Nathan

Ha! Pallas, your grand sounds a lot like mine. Those little ones just dont understand how our bodies are aging, Dewdrop is always telling me just how old I am looking. If I had any vanity, she sure would wreck it for me!

JoEllen Smith

Beth sent me the link to your blog. So very sorry to hear of your "tooth troubles", but what a gifted story teller you are, and what insights you have! Beth invited Jan and me to Birdsong, not possible this year, but it's definitely on our "to do" list, sounds amazing. Blessings on your dental issues and all your artistic and crafty ventures. I look forward to meeting you!

Karla Nathan

I hope we see you here someday, Joey! Ive hear a lot about Jeffs family from Beth, you all sound like a fun group. Now, are you our soap fairy who gave us the gift basket? I see that you have soap in your email address. Beth says the basket is just lovely, thanks, if it was you! ps- Im a Jo too, and always wished my middle name was my nickname, I wanted to be a Joey

lynn legge

aww karla you are beautiful to me ,,inside and out
I have to laugh tho... as I just went through the same thing.. and we don't have dental insurance.. since hubby lost his job. and just to get a (decorative fix) as my dentist called it... was nearly 800 dollars... ughhh
and that tooth out does make us talk funny... and eating... really makes you take tiny bites... and chew on the sides like a chipmunk.
cant wait to see the birdsong pics... I drool every time you post actually... some from the tooth and some from being in awe of you talented ladies.. lol
have a wonderful week
lynn l

Karla Nathan

Oh, Lynn, Im so sorry to hear about your tooth too. The more I talk about mine, the more other people I hear from with similar problems. Im sorry to hear you dont have insurance!! I know this is going to cost me a ton even with insurance. Good luck.

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