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May 26, 2015



They're adorable, and obviously much-loved! I'm sure they'll get lots of spoiling during Birdsong, too. Wish I could have one as we have snakes, too (not poisonous) but one of our dogs does a good job of catching those, thank goodness.


How nice - they are adorable. Here's hoping they don't get hit by a car or anything.

Karla Nathan

Me too! We are very find of these guys!

Karla Nathan

The more kittens are held, the sweeter they are as they grow up, so Im hoping my Birdsong peeps pay a lot if attention to them!


I'm a baby lover too Karla! I just got two new kittens from a friend and am having the time of my life with them. I loved seeing the girls snuggling with the sweet little kitties.

A1 Car Parts

Beautiful kitties! She looks like she's having a fun time with them :)

Karla Nathan

They are even cuter in pairs, arent they, June? Have fun with your babies!

Lesley Walker

Stunning! I adore cats, and I wish so much I could have one of your kitties. When I left the UK to live in the States (near Boston) I took my 3 cats with me. They travelled first class on the SS France, while my husband and I were in passenger class! One of my cats was pregnant. 5 years later when we returned to the UK, we brought 7 back with us (including the original 3) seven years later (with my new husband) I went to live in south Africa, and my original 2 cats went with me there, too. I loved them so much and still dream about them. They both died in South Africa, within a few days of each other, but by that time they were both 22 years old (Siamese seem to live a long time) I'm presently trying to persuade my husband (the third one) that a cat would make my life complete. In the mean time I enjoy the 2 belonging to a neighbour, who very generously allows them to visit. But, I'm still working on getting one of my very own. Blessings.

Karla Nathan

How lucky of you to have those kitties with you for so long! Over 20 years is such a blessing, Lesley. I didnt realize that Siamese lived longer, but that explains our old Tom, who was a tabby, but his mom was Siamese, and we had him for almost 20 years. He was a tough guy, but loved a good ear scratching.

Laurie Jackson

I think if I was coming to Birdsong this year it would have been hard not to leave without a kitten! <3

Karla Nathan

Laurie, maybe I should send one ....


I wish someone was coming from CO so you could send me a kitty cat, LOL!

Karla Nathan

If I dont have homes for all five, I might be tempted to deliver, Laurie!

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