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March 18, 2018


Randy Nathan

Your journals are always so fabulous! Love you!

Regina Brodbeck

Why is it that I don't like wallpaper on actual walls, but I love for everything else...lol

cindy lanier

old wallpaper is something i have never seen in idaho, i would love to win some!

Laura Ingalls Gunn

Simply stunning! Wouldn't these be fabulous as recipe holders or guest books?


Well, of course I'll leave a comment here because I always do and besides, it's absolutely lovely and who wouldn't want to win? Your journals are as beautiful as always, Karla. No one does them better.

JoAnne Balaz

Those journals went too quick! They are gorgeous Karla. In all my junking adventures I have never been fortunate enough to find wallpaper like yours so yes, I'd love to be entered in the drawing!

Karla Nathan

Most of my collection is from EBay, Jo Ann. Finding so many rolls in one day while junking was a thrill!

I will be adding more journals this coming week. I just love making them. Thanks for looking.

Karla Nathan

That is a good idea for them,Laura!

Karla Nathan

Thanks for entering, Cindy. I enjoy working with such one of a kind supplies.

Karla Nathan

I agree, Regina!

Karla Nathan

Maybe we will get a chance to make some together soon, baby bro!


ooh yes please!

Marilyn in Missouri

Beautiful paper Karla!!

Karen B.

To Karla - The Wallpaper Whisperer - Once again you have outdone yourself with the yummy wallpaper finds and the beautiful journals you've created! I was able to get one before they were all gone, but alas, all the wallpaper packs were sold out. Even a scrap or two of wallpaper would be divine to receive. Look forward getting my journal and to drool over its wonderful contents. Thanks. -Karen

Carol deSousa

Your journals are very beautiful! I love and am jealous over all your wonderful vintage wallpaper. I am now in search of some every time I got to antique stores. If I win the wallpaper I plan to give it to Jeanie. I know she would love some. Enjoy your family!

stacy z

I would love to get my hands on one of your lovely journals!
***Stacy Z.**

Susan Norwood

Your journals are gorgeous! The scrap packs also have such pretty papers in them. I would love to play with them!


Your journals are very pretty. I’ve only started to put together ideas to make journals. A piece of your vintage paper might be just the inspiration I need, so please put my name in the hat.

Karla Nathan

It’s not easy to come across in shops, Carol. Etsy or Ebay is your best sho. I used to sell a ton of it, but have been too lazy to cut it up and package lately. Also, I enjoy saving it for projects and kits. Though, honestly, I do have way too much and should try to sell more. Like my hats! But I do love having them around.

Karla Nathan

Thank you, Karen! I hope you enjoy your papers and completing your journal.

Erica H

What beautiful papers! I have a small collection of vintage wallpaper rolls. I think the folks in KS are better at hanging on to their old junk! :)

Karla Nathan

Will do, Pallas!

Karla Nathan

I agree, Erica, Kansas and Missouri are the best, especially for old floral church hats.

Kim Budash

Love, love, love all that you do, especially your journals, stunning!

Terri W.

Beautiful as always, Karla! I love your journals, and seeing all the wonderful things you find and how you use them. You're so sweet to "spread the love" a bit!

Michelle K

I love wallpaper! And I wish I was closer to Kansas, I would come to all of your classes!

Ellen D. Bailey

Journals are gorgeous; very creative, Karla! The way you include the old wallpaper with other elements in your journals always looks great. Would love to be entered in the drawing!

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