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July 12, 2020


Sharon Morrison

Everything you do now is the right thing. No guilt, no excuses. Just be you and do what you need to do. Time, it takes time.

Robin Kesner

There is no right or wrong here Karla. It felt healing to you to wrap his ashes and I totally felt it too. I know things will never feel the same. There is hope for some smiles and good memories in the days ahead. It feels good to sob and have our loved ones hug us tight. That rick next to Ryan’s picture is absolutely amazing. I love the wood heart you created for your sweet girl to spread his ashes in a place filled with good happy memories ❤️

Yvonne Welty

Your post was lovely Karla. Everyone grieves in their own way. "Taking care of your boy" was a lovely image and hope it gives comfort to you in some way.

Laurie Jackson

Beautifully put. I am glad to hear how it's going for you, day by day. Thankful for you to be surrounded by family who love you and yours.

Ellen D. Bailey

Karla - You do what is right for you and your family, and thank God that you are in good health and not among the many who are considered at risk due to age, current health or past histories of health issues. I grieve with you, and yet rejoice that you are doing the necessary things to eventually get you through this most difficult time.

Sandy Thomson

Karla, your post and the few previous brought me to tears. I can not even imagine how You can deal with anything at this moment. I love all the sweet little things you have done in his memory , those are the actions of an all loving mom who misses her boy. Of course when I read this I put myself in your shoes and can’t even imagine what I would do with out Jennifer. So many of the things you said about Ryan, his shyness and trying to understand why people have to be so mean. You said he was such a sweet spirit and what I knew of him was so very right. Jen has a lot of those things to handle in her life, also.
I am stuck in my house for the last five months and I envy you getting to go out. Not that is for fun, but just having a change of scenery and be able see and do something different. I have had a dream of Jen and I going traveling in a little trailer, van or what ever I can conger up. But I am pretty sure it will always remain a dream.The first time I got in my car to go to the doctor I almost didn’t remember how to drive. So I am glad that you were able to get away.
I know that time will be a good healer but right now it seems that the pain will never go away but each of us have our own way to grieve and it’s good that you are filling your heart with love for him. I wish I knew how to say or do something that can ease your pain but luckily you have a great family who are rallying around you. All I can say is that you are in my thoughts and know that you are someone who is loved by many and most of us wish we could be there to console you. Take of yourself and stay safe especially with this wicked virus who is claiming so many loved ones all over the world.

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