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July 19, 2020


Terry Neibaur

Karla, you are too hard on yourself. You were in a really bad situation and that the boys did as well as they have is a credit to the effort you put into then. You are only human. We all have made mistakes, but I know how much you loved the boys! Ryan loved you so much! You can not take the blame for everything. Much was not in your control. Especially when the learning problems. When our kids were little, many things were different than now. Please try to not blame your self for the past. We could have all maybe done things different, but you never gave up on your boys and that show awesome love! You were a good mother, you are a loving and caring person, and Ryan became such a wonderful individual because of you and Riches love and support.

Mary Fangman

thank you for sharing. heartfelt. I have lived your pain and felt the guilt and too found some redemption in my relationship with my grandchildren. hold on ... the worst of the pain will subside and you will be able to breath again.

Terri W.

Oh, Karla! Your family is so special, in all the very best ways! I would never have guessed at any of this after seeing all the love, creativity, and joy in your household. I doubt anyone could have done better than you, no matter the circumstances. I'm so sorry you have had to endure these hardships, but your handling of them all adds to what makes you special.
I love the memory wind chime. Such a wonderful idea!

Lisa S

Sending you all the love, Karla. 💕 From the moment I found your blog years ago, I have known just how much you love, adore and cherish your family. I hope you are able to give yourself some grace and let go of the things that are causing such pain. Focus on the love and light you bring to your family. You are such a blessing to not only them, but all of us that you so generously share your life with . 💕🙏🏻

Elizabeth Redabaugh



Karla, please allow yourself grace during your grief. You have always shown yourself to be a loving, generous Grammie and mother...always. We all learn from our mistakes...you were in a position in life that wasn't easy and you did the best you could at the time. Your children and grands all love you.

Robin kesner

We all look back and have regrets, especially when we become grandmothers with a lot more patience! Please stop being so hard on yourself ❤️ Ryan has always known how special he was and he certainly knows it now!

Karla Nathan

Mary, I am sorry for your pain. Thank you for the encouragement.

marilee mckelvey

The wind chime is a beautiful, soulful creation, a wonderful memorial. Your son Ryan was kind and full of love and maybe he grew that way because of you and not despite the failings you feel as a mother. We all could have done things differently when our children were small. Maybe, tho, all that really matters is our kids know we love them and we know they love us.

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